Decapitator Blues

by The Semis

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We are sure you'll enjoy the latest from The Semis, only the greatest rock & roll band to ever rinse the St. Pete salt from their hair. The album you are about to purchase/ listen to is one part British invasion, one part glitter, one part Out Of The Cellar and all parts Summer. Following up 2010's Back To The Beach was a cinch once the rock and roll id was harnessed, tamed and put into a magic bottle.


here tis.

Decapitator Blues was recorded on location at The Willard in St. Petersburg, FL in 2010-2011.
Tracked by Billy Summer.
Mixed and mastered by one Lemonjello Kane - and we thank him kindly for his outstanding work.


released July 25, 2011

Billy Summer - guitars, bass, keys, vocals, drums
Kyle Lovell - drums
Rop Pastore - pedal steel on The Ballad Of Andy Howard
Scott Meyers - keys on Echo



all rights reserved


The Semis St Petersburg, Florida

The Semis are a superior rock n roll band with a mid-fi beachy garage-pop vibe. They meld solid gold songcraft with pure rock n' roll id.

Because their shit is classic The Semis music has been featured on many major networks.

They are constantly writing and recording. And swimming... and slaying.

Drop them a line anytime.
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Track Name: Fun In The Sun
I'm gonna take a ride heading straight up the coast won't you come with me?
Listening to Sam on the radio singin "you send me", cuz you send me up where the skies are blue and chest high waves break on cue.
So much time, so little to do won't you believe like I believe in you.

Gonna hit the spot that the world forgot about out,
Come with me? I want you to.
Take the Spring and plan your Summer thing,
bring whiskey and your puppy, too.
u]Up where the road divides and where we go the wind decides. I don't care if we make it back from there as long as I'm in with you.

Have a real good Summer, have some fun in the sun.
I know you want to be mine, let's have a real good time.
Track Name: Snuffed
And his late visitation led to force my opinion.
Late night drowning sorrow, making plans to snuff out
you and his tomorrows.

I know you belong to me.
Everyone else can see it too.
You can be anything you want to me but true.

I played the long con to persuade you.
Can't stand seeing you with no one else.
I'm gonna take him out of this equation
so you can suffer by yourself.

I know you belong to me.
If that's the way you want it to be for you
I will crush him like a bug beneath my shoe.

Even when the skies are blue
I can bring the clouds on for he and you.
But if that's what you need then go.
Track Name: Burnout Beach
I don't wanna be lonely like you and you know who.
You guys act so phony, yeah you know how you do.
someone must have told ya that I'm done with the weight,
We had a good thing goin on back when you were straight.

Somewhere there has to be better things to do
than hanging out on burnout beach but..

You keep dialing my phone up,
I chalk it to alcohol.
We had a good thing going then but now nothing at all.
When we were on soda, I thought that it was fate
we had a good thing goin on but now I don't relate.

Somewhere there has to be better things to do
then hanging out on burnout beach with you.

I've been hearing stories and now I know their true,
you've been hoppin house to house like a kangaroo.
I passed you to Marvin, and he passed you to Bruce.
We had a good thing goin then but now I've cut you loose.

Somewhere there has to be better things to do
than hanging out on burnout beach with you.
Track Name: Ciggy Fun Boy
I knew you'd understand. I knew you'd come around.
Got that cigarette? this time you'll get wet. No more rangers reeling on the mound. You're just a stranger in town, who waits for an answer, but loves like a razor....

I think you didn't do it. Such a saint.

You saaod I comfort you, nothing to do today, I called you my telephone got numbers all wrong so I say Jesus can I catch a break tonight?
Track Name: The Cinco
I was delighted when I got the call from you sayin
I was invited, but i had no wheels to move.
So I ran down to the cinco grabbin it East
but he didn't stop. No, he didn't slow down in the least.

I know he's seen me. I'm always around his route. You can do everything? then slow that bus on down. You keep me waiting, swimming in the rain. What's up? He can act like a child so I just duck my head and shut up.

I decided to call some friends of mine who have better things to do with their time than drive.

Now here's some guitar.
Track Name: Faux Furs
We like the way it feels. It looks like real real.
It fakes you out, it's fake throughout
but it feels real.
It's on your neck like a fuzzy noose.
If you walk like your all syrupy loose.
Oh what a thrill spinning winning wheels.
Track Name: Decap Blues
Boredom saturates.
What a great place to isolate.
Florida, sub-south.
Bay to gulf from the river's mouth.
Come on down!
We'll be here to decap all your good vibes.
I don't know what's real to you
but I know tonight I gotta try
cuz like you I get that feeling, and I chase it all night,
just to feel it one more time.

Trouble blends right in.
We don't ask, we don't care where you've been.
Don't look if you don't wanna know,
here's as south as you can go.
talk to me.
How you feelin now?
Bout the space that let you down.
I don't know whats real
with all the things you conceal inside.
But that feelin I get, I chase it all night,
just to feel it one more time.
Track Name: Library Book
Thee afternoon my lady and I sat
for someone else's baby
we put on our coat and hat
cold browsed shelves until we took
home library books.

I looked from A - G
she looked from B- D
and we found much too much to read.
went and cracked the spines to look
at our library books.

due fines, have you?
Track Name: Echo
All the trees they've been shifting, right before my eyes.
And I'm listening for them to call me away but the mountain aint no easy climb. Do you know the way to be loose like the echo bouncing randomly in you mind? You've been speeding your days on the sun but you've played out that movie too many times.

I wil light your way up the mountain with the shine of a million eyes. And my ears always turning to hear what it takes to survive. Do you know what to say when you answer the echo from a canyon ten miles wide? Will you follow beside me, stay here and guide me cuz to freedom aint no easy ride.

Finally up the mountain where they showed me how to stand solid ground like the millions who ignored distant calls to turn back down from the mountain where they lure you away from yourself to find something better than something else.
Track Name: Echo Part II
Track Name: Screwtop Wine
Family divided by screwtop wine drinkin mom.

If you thinks that real, well, you're wrong. nothing stays real for this long..
Track Name: The Ballad Of Andy Howard
There goes Andy, the ghost in my yard, again.
he goes runnin to the door to get in.
I'll beat ya on the way back,
I'll beat you, old red man.
You aint nothing but feel sometimes.

I'm the light and the way, light and the way.
devil loves to hear his name,
so I don't repeat it.
Free your soul and go back to where you came.