Upper Middle Trash

by The Semis

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Upper Middle Trash is a collection of songs recorded between 1998 and 2002 mostly in Eugene, Oregon and also in Clearwater, Fl by Billy Summer and an occasional cohort or dropper-by. Some are demos that later made it to albums, some are pure id, some are great songs, some are not. The spirit of rock & roll lives in this compilation and it is truly the birth of the band now known as The Semis.


released July 7, 2002

Billy Summer



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Semis St Petersburg, Florida

The Semis are a superior rock n roll band with a mid-fi beachy garage-pop vibe. They meld solid gold songcraft with pure rock n' roll id.

Because their shit is classic The Semis music has been featured on many major networks.

They are constantly writing and recording. And swimming... and slaying.

Drop them a line anytime.
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Track Name: Sulphur and Ice
I've ran your trenches of sulphur and ice too many times I've been mobilized. Too many sour unsavory girls holing up in that place where you work. But I'm just a Billy goat hangin on the wire. A sign of the devil and a slave to desire.

well I am the sicker of two sick seal pups. Ocean, ocean, ocean I've got you sussed out.
Track Name: Private Dicks Demo #1 1998
The slacks organ is beginning to wax. The private dicks are extracting the facts. I seen you browsing in the cut-out bin. Picked up the Dr. and you put it back again. The private dicks have been tracking you down through every second hand store in town. They caught you browsing in the cut-out bin. Picked up The Who and you put it back again. Picked up the Dr. and you put it back again. Picked up Cheap Trick and you put it back again. Picked up REO Speedwagon and you put it back again. Picked up Bob Seger and you put it back again.
Track Name: Senses I Never Had
Hope don't arrive too late or a minute too soon. It's just right, coming down your street late last night.
Revived and at long last, fires out from the wet in your eyes. and tried to revive back to senses i never had.
Track Name: A little Cocaine
no idea.
Track Name: Somewhere Else
...Well, well, well.
What do you got here now?
Something by the ocean.
Something in the mountains.
Somewhere else.
Somewhere else.
Track Name: Pissed Your Grave
Yeah I pissed your grave, as a matter of fact.
Who's gonna shave you? I don't give a fuck.
Goddamn pig. High on the hill?
No one can shake me now.
No one will.
Track Name: Legitimate Girl
I could love a legitimate girl though the odds seem strong against it. Most of them find me so offensive, and I don't have the lingo down enough to pick one up much less keep her around.
Oh legitimate girl, had it with my life and that's a big turn off i have heard.
Track Name: Pelican Song (demo #1) 1998
Runnin down to the coast to count people
Many as I could through the peep hole.
dudes and girls out in the surf on their backs
when the waves attack.
goin down to the beach to the pop sand
where i get a piece of the kilo
aren't we so chocked full of life?
do the sunrise with closed eyes.
hurry down to the coast out of season.
don't need no goddamn reason
I'm just so full of life
Track Name: Trucks
Trucks is gone.
Trust is gone.
Mind is gone.
Track Name: Shouldn't Have Spent That
none. Please add your own.
Track Name: Just Cuz
Lady up in the trees don't move a corpuscle,
I get so high I can't hustle.
Why you ailing me this time?
lift the red flag
I'm done smoking my cigarettes
seven to a bag
all i write is shit
cuz everything has a double meaning.

If you see me out dancing you know that I'm drunk
I lost my beauty but keeping my spunk.
Track Name: Private Dicks (Rules Ass Version)
Picked up that wax and you put it back again,
The private dicks have been tracking you down,
through every second hand store in town.
I caught you browsing in the cut out bin
picked up and you put it back again.
The slacks organ is beginning to wax,
the private dicks are extracting the facts,
I seen you browsing in the cut-out bin,
picked up The Who.
Track Name: Worked all Summer
Worked all summer worked all fall
quit cocaine and alcohol
fixed the hole where i punched the walls
Track Name: My Name Is John
This is an unsuitable life I'm living.
It's not even fit for the dingiest one of them all.
She likes me, she takes my money.
I guess that's why she calls me John.
But I know she needs it. I know she needs it.
When I pull up four on the floor,
I slid a couple of fins through the door,
I lay down my spiel, and prove to that whore
my name is john.
Track Name: 100 Days
Let's take it back
worst time of the year
when we were there
and you stayed here
I hate to wait
so then I disappear
but wouldn't it be nice to stay
together for 100 days?

I'll stand on what I knew
and you'll stand with me too
and we'll be wrong together
in the January weather
but wouldn't it be nice to play
in something else besides the rain?
Track Name: Fun In The Sun (early demo)
Let's have a real good Summer, let's have some fun in the sun. Let's smoke grass let's coke up and F**K and lay around till one.
Don't make a three month gamble. You don't wanna lose your doubt about dipping out of a life a crime,
let's have a real good time.

Let have a real good Summer to share with the girls and the boys. Let's put our Fender amps on ten and make some old time rock n roll noise.

Let's have a real good Summer, let's have a real great year,
I know that you wanna be mine, let's have a real good time.
Track Name: Next To Nowhere (acoustic demo)
Staring out the window blowing smoke through the screen. Chicago's finest snowflake in a subtropical scene. What can you tell me now? Dreams you wanted so bad are just next to nowhere now.
Track Name: Clearwater Classic
Don't look down the Greyhound aisle. A violent lie leads to a violent death. And all the sinners that you get to blather to and bum a cigarette from who you're talking to.
Track Name: Safety
When it gets too late come on and make your break. Everything you feel aint no mistake.
If you like looking at pictures on pages
just to find out what the rage is
while God shouts down you're invincible now.
Look out where you step in a public yard.
Too much right makes the left side fall apart.
choose another path to catch your breath.
take a tip from a couple of empty heads.
here's the same door painted three feet thick
safety's nuthin but a dirty trick.
Track Name: Contracts (Demo) 2000
No idea.
Track Name: Anastasia
If the channel that its usually on has been taken over.
Track Name: Model Son (instrumental demo)
none there, sport.